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Post Trauma: "Sleepless" The Real Beauty Of Simplicity, In Country Rock!

31 Dec

Anyone who went through the 70’s in a haze, can rejoice because the music that carried you through is back again, courtesy of Post Trauma, the country rock band from Fullerton,CA. Billy Ulrich (vocals, guitars, harmonica), Kenny Ulrich (keyboards), Joey Gnoffo (drums) and Sean Boddy (bass,guitars), just like a long lost friends spotted from across the room, will take you back to the sound of some of the songs that you fell in love with during the 70’s and 80’s.

Billy Ulrich recorded the

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The MiCKS: ROCK That Will Hit You Right In The Middle Of The HEART!

30 Dec

The MiCKS are a three-piece garage roots rock band based out of Jersey City, N.J. and founded by brothers Matt (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Sam McMickle (drums), joined by Hank Prol (bass). During December they released their self-titled album The MiCKS. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in analog, and mostly tracked at Dreamland Studios, an old converted church in West Hurley, NY.
Energy is one thing The MiCKS decidedly do not lack. From the opening, bustling bar-band vibe of “The

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Rapper MBD To Release "BARS FROM THE HEART" in 2013!

30 Dec

Covering the streets from Memphis,Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia, artist MDB is surely working his lyrical talents and self image into the ears of both cities. With his team production GSM (Goon Squad Music) behind him, he has managed to launch his career further by constantly attacking the music industry with fire hits like his single, “Da Paper” followed by his mixtapes, Excuse The Tardy, Animal, and his most recent work, Bars From The Heart to be released in 2013.


Marcus was

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Matthew Schultz HOT Single "MONEY OR ME" Featured on Kendrick Lamar's NEW Mixtape

28 Dec

New Artist Matthew Schultz was selected to be featured on Kendrick Lamar’s New Mixtape Album by Coast 2 Coast volume 224 with his new hit song “Money or Me.” Matthew Schultz is featured on this Album with other popular artist’s like T.I., Andre 300…0, A$AP Rocky, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar himself whom is also hosting this mixtape.

“Money or Me” was written and recorded by Matthew Schultz featuring King Dave. An original track produced by Armando Guarnera it brings the essence of hip-hop

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Mister Graves: "Graveyard Blues" -Blues Songs About Death And Murder

26 Dec

David Graves aka Mister Graves from Portland USA, who is also a professional photographer, dabbles in various genres of music that may range from serious piano pieces to outright electronic dance tracks. Somewhere in between, we discovered “Graveyard Blues”, eight tracks of mostly re-writes of old blues songs about death and murder.
Mister Graves’ dad died in a car accident when he was 13. His dad played guitar, so Mister Graves decided to see if he could feel music like his dad did. He

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Karma Points: "Quit Wasting Time" The New Single

24 Dec

Formed in Texas, USA, electronic-pop band, Karma Points, currently features three members; John Rioux, Blake Bidigare and Aaron White. The band release their latest songs and tracks on Reverbnation and interact with fans and followers through their Facebook fan-page.
Karma Points have a new single out, entitled, “Quit Wasting Time”. I was skeptical when I heard about them at first, I figured they would be just another over produced, untalented boy band. However with their juicy electronic pop

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Boris Carloff: "The Escapist" – A Dark Mix Of Classic Music, Indie Rock And Electronics

23 Dec

Boris Carloff is a producer, composer, engineer and musician whose musical style takes on flavours from jazz, guitar rock and electronic music. Boris, who has played as a musician in Norway, UK, Germany and Italy, comes from the Czech Republic and has a classical violin education.
His debut was on the London based label, Tracktion, with a project called Palm Beat. Later on he signed to Red Salamanda Records, where he released the Good Stuff EP. The EP was well received and one track got

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