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Adam Drew: "The American," Pure Darkness And Emotion!

31 Jan

Originally from Boston, MA, USA, Adam Drew lives in Raleigh, NC. Like most indie artists, Adam writes, performs, records and mixes everything himself. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards and dabbles with lot’s electronic hackery, concentrating on darker music and experimental sounds with pop song structures and hooks. All music on “The American” was composed and recorded using Propellerhead Software’s ReBirth RB-338 app for the Apple iPad.
The album, “The American,” really has some darkness in

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Rapper RAWSON Unleashes New Single, "Dont Let Me Son U!

30 Jan

When people are asked about what they would like to do for a living, they usually tend to answer that question with a downward response, uncomfortably pushing there dreams back, because they went through some trials and tribulations and easily forgot there passion. This is not the case with Rawson.
Rawson is a talented up and coming artist, producer and songwriter. He has been rapping since the age of 9 and now has his own production company “rawsonmusik”. Some of his influences include Nas,

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1Man2Amazing: "Climb" Creativity And Imagination Overflowing

29 Jan

This album brings new and innovative sounds to the ear of hip-hop, as 1Man2Amazing delivers some of the most unique beats you’re likely to hear in this genre. On “Climb” he also enjoys adding all kinds of sounds and voices to his verses, keeping the interest high all the way through.
It’s clear that 1Man2Amazing wanted every song on the album to stand out and he achieves this with ‘Climb’. Every song on the album is different and they all stand out. Most of the tracks sound like that track on

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BLOWN: "Red Octaves" Grabs You By The Throat And Throttles You With Grooves

29 Jan

Brian Gizzard was a hard working printer for over 10 years plying his trade in sweaty shops mostly in his home town of Newcastle. Brian hated his job and most people he worked with so when he was made redundant in 2007 he kicked off a sharp brogue in celebration and pierced an account handlers lung. 3 Years in Durham prison saw him hone his skills on Atari and Logic, producing tunes that were pivotal in the UK Jailhouse rave-rock scene.
By the time he was released in 2011, his family and

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Toya Nash: "Him…" Convincing, Energetic And Charismatic!

28 Jan

Toya Nash is a classically trained mezzo-Soprano, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School in Manhattan. She is also an accomplished actress of both stage and screen and can be seen in the feature, Trapped.
Toya also founded The LANA Company, her own line of natural bath and body products, as well as being the founder of Coach Your Craft, a coaching company for voice and acting. Toya is a strong believer in giving back, and often sponsors children

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Hazardous Ken: "Cuffin Season," A Perfect Blend of Hiphop And R&B

27 Jan

Hazardous Ken aka HK is a rapper-songwriter out of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Half black and half Jamaican, HK’s mom kicked him out of the house by the age of sixteen, and placed him in an in-house drug program with 30 other people. Two months before his seventeenth birthday, HK took off for Atlanta, where he spent the next 4 years homeless and hustling to make ends meet.
Kept sane by a pen and pad, hard times had reduced HK to nothing, but he got himself together and made the move back to New

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BRANDO ALBERS: "Fading Away" – Emotive, Lo-Fi Indie Pop!

25 Jan

It all started for Brando Albers, when he was nine years old, and his father bought their very first computer. For Brando’s brothers it was the ultimate video game source but for him it was much more. He started using the wave sound and cutting up bits of songs and looping them. At age 10 his grandfather let him borrow an old banged up six string so Brando could learn how to play. His mother then placed him into guitar classes, just to see if he would stick with it. Brando was in love with it,

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